Thursday, 30 October 2014

will there be american idol 2016 auditions? yes!

will there be american idol 2016 auditions? yes!, why, because it is really fox tv's only real singing contest.

so that was the quick answer above, because i do not see it to be in any doubt really, yes they axed the x factor usa, but that was partly because it never really got started, the x factor usa got 3 seasons in total and never got the viewing figures fox wanted.

whereas the american idol is well established and has a decent following, plus fox needs at least one main talent show on its roster, if they axed the american idol what could they replace it with, they have nothing to replace the show with.

to me the american idol is going to be around for quite a few years yet, and also it remains quite popular as well, so all in all, it does not look to be going the way of the x factor usa.

the problem as well for the x factor usa was it had to compete in a way with the american idol, and people would get bored by then, after watching the x factor for months then they would be watching the american idol straight after at the start at the new year, so it would be talent show singing contest overload.

now that the x factor finished it will make the american idol more unique and fresh for the viewers on fox, just once a year and not on a loop following the x factor and vice versa so it all works in that regard the get the american idol more popular again as well.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

american idol 2015 auditions judges round have started

auditioning 2016, but for the american idol 2015 auditions the judges round was recently taking place in nashville with judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr, so these are the judges rounds, but that does not mean that you can still not apply, application forms are still available on the american idol 2015 website.

because there is still one public round of auditions left, so there is still a chance, one last chance to try out for the series, that is the last of the public rounds though, and is taking place on september the 29th at cow palace san francisco.

so even though the judges rounds have started the show is or the opportunity to get to that stage is still open with one last cattle call round available on the 29th of sept, so you will need to go to the applications forms on the american idol website, and go from there, get all the details of what you need to attend the last of the open call rounds and also read all the terms and conditions as well so you know what you need.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

american idol 2016 auditions dates cities times

the american idol auditions for this year have now ended, baring one, which take place for american idol 2015, so next year there will be the american idol 2016 auditions, with probably the cities and locations mostly changed again, but the date that the american idol auditions take place each will probably be very similar again next year.

so in that regard to audition for american idol 2016, the date and times you will be looking at next year will be june until september, with most of the auditions taking place in july, this is the same schedule they follow each year.

so the auditions for this year, for the 2015 idol are close to over, baring one last audition that will be taking place in september, monday the 29th, other than that it will be the first rounds next year for the 2016 american idol, so it is strange because you apply and audition the year before the show is actually televised, at what are called the first stage or cattle call auditions.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

how to audition for american idol 2016

got some time to practice on how to audition for american idol 2016, so been having a look about for any useful information to try and find some ways to make what can be like a daunting process trying out for a talent show, and to try and make it easier and also ways to improve my performance and presence when applying and going to the american idol auditions.

i have found there are lots of useful videos online and lots of good websites with information and advice on what to doing when entering singing competitions, and how to make the process as enjoyable as possible, with american idol auditions you need to be prepared as well, because those judges sometimes to me seem to be a bit unforgiving, year they act nice, but a no is still a no, no matter how they try and sugar coat and wrap it up to you, even the producers of american idol as well, because in the first stage auditions you will be before the producers of american idol with there no's, so at least try and find some ways to make everything easier.

they don't care, because you might have had to travel long distance to the city or locations that the audition is taking place at, and it will probably be in a big daunting venue like a american football stadium, but you get there and you are basically at what is called a cattle call auditions, so best thing is to be prepared and make things easy for yourself, with efficient practice and rehearsals of the songs you are going to be singing, here are some ideas from youtube there are lots of good audition practice and advice videos all over the internet.

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Friday, 27 June 2014

american idol 2016 auditions website

my 2016 auditions blog - well if you can make it to long island new york in july, you could attend the 2015 american idol auditions, which are currently underway over the next few months, there has been about 3 so far in june.

next of the auditions is going to be on the 23rd of july, in long island new york, at nassau veterans memorial coliseum, remember the auditions for next years american idol take place this year, so like wise if you wanted to audition for the american idol 2016 those auditions will be taking place next year in the summer, the american idol always gets auditions out of the way the year before the show starts as it usually starts around the start of the year like about january time.

Monday, 21 April 2014

cannot audition next year will they be going in 2 years time

i cannot audition next year will i be able to audition for american idol in 2016?, or will the show be cancelled, still seems popular, but not as popular as it was in the past, well it is popular for fans and people who want to audition, just does not get as many tv viewers.

well american idol is still on tv next year that is a fact at least.