Tuesday, 28 July 2015

american idol 2016 auditions bBooth's Video Recording Kiosks hollywood to local towns and cities

the american idol 2016 auditions have partnered with bBooth's Video Recording Kiosks to bring hollywood style recording studios to local towns and cities these are going to be mostly mall based so this is going to give people another chance to auditions for american idol xv if you cannot make it to the open call auditions or missed out on the bus tour auditions rounds that have already finished.

so there are only a few of the open auditions round dates left and for a lot of people it might be too far a distance to be able to travel to one of the open call auditions rounds, and you might have missed the bus (tour) figuratively speaking and so are left with a few options though still, there is the option to do a video submission audition to the american idol 2016 website, but what you could also look out for is to see if one of these bbooths video audition recording studios is in a town or city near you, probably they will be at a large mall near where you live or a big city near where you live.

so far i cannot find anything on the full dating and locations where these american idol 2016 bBooth's auditions studios are going to be located or the venues, as this has just been announced by american idol that they will be giving people a chance to try out via shopping malls etc.

the only date and venue i have found is on the bBooth's website and they have there first auditions date of august the 15th at culver city, ca.

so keep a check on details, check there website as well because it says new/more dates to be announced for where the bBooth's will be visiting over the next few months.

well it is the last season of american idol in 2016 and with a start date of january they will need to get cramming the auditions rounds in soon enough so there will probably be a few chances for you to either audition with the open call rounds, or also if they are too far away you might be able to attend a bBooth's and try out that way, the bus tour rounds have already finished though, but there is still the option to do a online videos submission through the american idol 2016 application form process.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

american idol XV 2016 open auditions + mobile bus tour cities dates register or attend a mobile location

so there are a few ways to apply/register to american idol XV 2016 open auditions, the option currently in full swing at the moment is the mobile bus tour auditions in cities accross america, you can attend a mobile bus tour location to try out for the american idol 2016 right throughout june.

with the open call or cattle call american idol 2016 audition rounds taking place mostly through july and august, so this current month of june is for people who cannot attend one of the open call auditions, but might live closer to where one of the mobile bus tour audition rounds are taking place at the moment.

the next mobile bus tour auditions round will be this thursday at Providence rhode island at Alex and Ani City Center skating rink at 2 Kennedy Plaza in downtown Providence from 9 a.m.−5 p.m.

so this is the final ever season of american idol, the 15th season and will be american idol XV 2016, so it has been a long haul but no doubt a lot of fans are sad to see the singing competition end, has been a bad few years for singing and talent contests over the last few years.

to attend one of the upcoming open auditions rounds you will need to register to the american idol website and fill out there application forms, now i am not sure but you might be able to apply via video submission like uploading a video with your application and or putting a link to a youtube video of your singing when registering to the american idol 2016.

but for the moment the quickest way to try out and audition is to see if one of these american idol mobile bus tour auditions is near where you live or your town/city or state, here are the dates and locations for the mobile bus tour 2016:

6/18/2015, Seattle, WA.
6/18/2015, Providence, RI.
6/20/2015, Baltimore, MD.
6/22/2015, San Diego, CA.
6/22/2015, Pittsburgh, PA.
6/24/2015, Tucson, AZ.
6/25/2015, Indianapolis, IN.
6/26/2015, Santa Fe, NM.
6/28/2015, Athens, GA.
6/29/2015, Tulsa, OK.
6/30/2015, Oxford, MS.

those are all happening over this month of june so be quick, after that it will be all the open call american idol 2016 auditions rounds here are the details below including locations, cities and dates:

Los Angeles California at the Dolby Theatre on the 13th of May 2015. 

Denver Colorado at the Denver Coliseum on the 10th of July 2015.

Savannah Georgia at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Arena on the 22nd of July 2015.

Philadelphia Pennsylvania at the Liacouras Center on the 2nd of August 2015. 

Little Rock Arkansas at the Verizon Arena on the 8th of August 2015.

San Francisco California at the Cow Palace on the 15th of September 2015.

that is a update above for the california auditions details which were previously waiting to be updated and confirmed by the american idol.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

the american idol 2016 open auditions dates cities locations started last season

It is now going to be the last season of the american idol, but the american idol 2016 open auditions dates, cities, locations and venues have been released, and the first open audition has already come to pass, which was this week on wednesday the 13th, the next open audition will be in less then 2 months time, so be ready not to miss that one, though the first round of auditions probably was missed by quite a few.

So these are the auditions for the final season of american idol in 2016 which is season 15, with the current judging line up returning, for what is tipped to be a celebratory season, also featuring past stars and contestants from previous seasons, and probably some previous judges as well, in some capacity, simon cowell?.

So if you are keen to give it one last go at auditioning for the american idol then this is the time to do so, there will probably never be another chance to audition after this year, and the dates and locations are in, so you can now start getting prepared for the auditions and choosing a venue/city near you, here are the audition details for season 15 of the american idol 2016 auditions:

Los Angeles California at the Dolby Theatre on the 13th of May 2015. 

Denver Colorado at the Denver Coliseum on the 10th of July 2015.

Savannah Georgia at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Arena on the 22nd of July 2015.

Philadelphia Pennsylvania at the Liacouras Center on the 2nd of August 2015. 

Little Rock Arkansas at the Verizon Arena on the 8th of August 2015.

The San Francisco California American Idol 2016 Auditions details are to be confirmed at a later date stay tuned/favorite.

There is also the option of the american idol 2016 bus tour auditions starting next month, here are the details below of the american idol 2016 bus tour auditions:

6/18/15 Seattle WA
6/18/15 Providence RI
6/20/15 Baltimore MD
6/22/15 San Diego CA
6/22/15 Pittsburgh PA
6/24/15 Tucson AZ
6/25/15 Indianapolis IN
6/26/15 Santa Fe NM
6/28/15 Athens GA
6/29/15 Tulsa OK
6/30/15 Oxford MS

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

American Idol Auditions End In 2016 With Season 15 Judges Return For Last Series

The american idol will have its last season and auditions in 2016 which will be the 15th season of american idol, the current judging line up of jennifer lopez, harry connick jnr and keith urban will all return for the final series of american idol 2016.

This has all been officially announced by fox tv, the last season is going to be staged as a kind of celebratory event, fox has said, which will be giving tribute to former contestants, winners and fans, but, does this mean that there will not be auditions for the general public to apply to i wonder?.

Fox has said that "the final season" will celebrate the shows history, and will premiere in january 2016, so that would give open call auditions a start at some time this year, so this is what i am looking for at the moment the start dates and other open call auditions information, well looks like there is nothing just yet.

It all kind of looks to be up in the air on just what the format will be for the final series of american idol 2016 next year, with fox announcing that there will be some kind of all star format to the final season of american idol, so this is confusing because it does not tell us what is happening regarding the open call auditions rounds, and if the registration/application process will be the same for next year, what we do know is that if there is going to be auditions this year then they will be starting soon, probably june or july, so it should not be long until we find out what is going on.

If you are planning on auditioning for american idol 2016 this year, check out this how to audition for american idol online guide in the link -->  http://americanidol2016.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/auditioning-for-american-idol-online.html

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Nothing yet on the american idol 2016 auditions start dates or locations cities

just been looking under google news tab and still nothing in yet on the american idol 2016 auditions start dates or locations and cities etc, just what is coming up in the search is news about american elections in 2016, what i want to find out is when the audition details were released last year.

then that will give me a idea of when they will be released this year, because they follow around the same schedule each year, when posting up the audition details like start dates and the locations each year.

best i can work out from last year was the auditions were announced in may to june time, but not a 100% sure on exactly when, this year the 2015 series season 14 final is on wednesday may the 13th at 8pm.

so it should be not long after that date that we start to find out when the new auditions for the american idol will be starting again.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Auditioning for The American Idol 2016 Online Tips Talent and Singing Contest Advice

American Idol 2016 Auditions Tips, Some of my ideas that i find help me be at my best, or at least better, because it can be a bit of a misnomer straight away to think best, and better to think better, then you are not putting any pressure on yourself or setting goals or targets, like some of the auditions i watched on this years american idol, you can see they are nearly all under pressure, not because they are nervous or anything like that, but because they have some self pressure about doing there best or being the best, when really you want to start out just making sure you do, do some rehearsals and hone your voice and stage act/presence, just not put unneeded pressure on yourself to be something you are not.

Everyone can be better and do better, but who can say that they are going to be the best, that is like giving yourself a impossible mountain to climb, when all you need to do is just do auditions practice, have your presentation worked out, so you can go to a audition and perform like say who you are, look smart and sing well, other than that, see what the judges/producers think, at least you will be more relaxed in that state, which helps with appearance/presence and singing, whereas there are people auditioning who will be better then you, but might not even get through because they have put too much pressure on themselves to be something they are not.

This is just a observation from watching this years and previous years american idol auditions and seeing that a lot of the singers are not lacking confidence but they look like they are still under pressure, because they are trying too hard to be something they are not and as a result they are not showing what they are and shining if they did.

So with that said, you still want to do lots of preparation in advance, this is what can separate you from a lot of the competition when you attend a audition.

You need to really choose your song choices well in advance, probably about 4 to 5 songs, with about 2 or 3 being your main choices and these are the ones you will practice the most, this is so when it does come time for the american idol try outs you have these songs perfected for yourself and you have no worry with remembering the lines/words of the songs, because that would be a poor way at being eliminated from the competition singing great but forgetting the lines, if you start rehearsing in good time you should have no problem with the lines.

When it comes to the song choices try to vary things, so if possible try to choose a song that is popular, a song that is modern, and maybe also a classic song as well if possible, the reason you want to do this is because it will show you have some originality and are flexible in front of the producers or judges of american idol 2016.

As well when it comes to watching the song choices on american idol on television  they do show as being a very important aspect of who sometimes ends up getting further in the competition each season and so it is very important to try and choose well, and also have some variety as well when it comes to which songs you choose to sing, focus mostly on modern chart songs, this is because the american idol judges seem to favor this genre of music, but also have something less mainstream as well as a backup song so if needed or asked by the producers, you can show some different angle or side of your singing talents.

So something else important, when it comes time to stand in front of the judges your appearance is another thing they are going to be judging, and it seems they do favor people who are appear well dressed and smart.

Of course you like everyone else will have your own personal dress style, though you might need to change this slightly to improve your chances at your audition round, and it is best to try and look as professional and tidy as possible with your dress sense, the judges are going to be looking for someone they can mold themselves when it comes to appearance, and so they seem to favor people who do have some style but not over the top either, something they can work with and improve upon and jazz up as they do also with hairstyles and makeup as well, you need to look classy but understated so they can see how they will be able to improve upon your looks/appearance.

Then of course there is the issue of confidence, the american idol judges want to see you shine as much as possible and not be too nervous either. of course they know people are going to be nervous at a audition, but at the same time they are also looking for a glowing confidence, even if it is slightly buries beneath the surface, so you may ask yourself how do you achieve this, or at least improve your confidence more then usual?.

One way that can help is to learn how to build your own self confidence, and to do this you need to raise your own self esteem, how you think about yourself, or the ways in which you look at yourself. you are trying to change the way you think about yourself, one way of describing this could be in this manner, you know all the negative thoughts you have about yourself, you want to turn them into positive thoughts, and look at yourself differently, build your self up instead of breaking yourself down, try to have a more positive mental outlook on yourself.

For example if you are nervous about auditioning at the american idol, one way of getting used to these kinds of apprehension, is to do your practice songs in front of friends or family or in front of a mirror as well etc, this way it will be like you will be doing the audition for real in advance, and this will take away a lot of the apprehension or teach you to learn how to deal with it better, if you can practice in front of other people then you will have less trouble practicing in front of the judges.

The good thing as well for practicing in front of friends or family, is to ask them for honest feedback also, and so through that they might be able to give you some good advice on how to improve your performance as well, and it can give you some pointers on where to improve and what areas you need to look for advice in.

There are lots of good websites online as well as youtube videos that give good advice on talent show auditioning, and also just good videos and websites that teach how to sing better, how to be successful at auditions, i have seen some really good voice coaches with lots of channels and videos on youtube like this for free, as well as good websites that have lots of useful advice about singing auditions.

Try to also self evaluate yourself on the areas you feel you need to be improving in to be a more balanced and better singer, and then look for advice from websites and videos that cater or specialise in those particular areas, this is a good way to be polishing your performance and building your confidence and self esteem as well in the process.

So there should be a few months yet before the open call auditions rounds start again, because american idol are yet to release the audition rounds details like dates and cities, though this is depending on when you are reading this blog post that is, but if there is good few months when you do, you have some time to do some auditions practice in advance without needing to rush at it, if it is however closer to the auditions rounds, you will need cram a bit quicker, but just try to be more efficient if that is the case and do the most you can.

So in a kind of reverse of the above say you just had a few weeks until auditioning, you would need to speed practice, by doing this you would, miss out most of the detail and focus on only your strong areas, not over complicate your audition, and just focus on key points, if you do not have the luxury of time to be too detailed, but in that way at least you had loads of free time before then, and then it just means tweaking things slightly so you can have a semi polished audition, but still be confident with what you have done in a shorter period of time, try to look at things as been relative when preparing for things like auditions, and you are already there just besides a few practice sessions or check ups.

Monday, 23 March 2015

can talent scouts/agencies get you to american idol auditions also?

Still the all round way to try out is through the cattle call auditions, but there are some other options like using talent scouts/agencies as another way to try out for the american idol, i know for this years show that talent scouts and talent agencies were used, but this is a slim chance at going about things because most of us do not know any talent scouts.

But if you do know any good talent scouts/agencies then it could be worth checking if they have dealings with the american idol auditions, as another way of trying out for the auditions when they start up again later this year.

But that does not mean to not also do the cattle call auditions, because for the most part that is the main way most people get to the live shows of american idol each year, through those first stages and early rounds of auditioning in the big cities and venues, because unless you are a already established singer, on the club music scene then the chances of actually being seen or found by a talent scout is close to zero.

This was just a idea for anyone who knows any big talent scouts agencies to ask them if they can put you through to any american idol auditions, some people get found by talent scouts that work for american idol but these singers are usually pretty well established in some way and that is why the talent scouts can find them or know about them.

For the most part though the only way through the audition rounds to the live shows for the vast majority of us, is to start out at one of the cattle call auditions each year.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

How The American Idol 2016 Auditions Process Works For You

So in this post i wanted to go over how the american idol 2016 auditions process will actually work for you, at the moment i am watching the new series of american idol on fox, but that is not how the auditions will actually work for you when applying and registering for the 2016 auditions this year, it will be different to what is shown on tv, which are the judges audition stages which are the televised ones.

So if you apply for the american idol 2016 this year, you will go to first stage auditions also called "cattle call" auditions which are before american idol producers, and are not televised, so it will be a different experience, to the one you see on tv, but this is not to be worried about and a lot of people enjoy this stage of the auditions, and it can be a lot of fun, where you get to meet lots of different people who are also attending.

If it is your first time at a american idol audition do not worry because most of the people you meet and see there will be just the same as you as well, and will be unsure what to expect, but you want to go there with the aim to have fun and enjoy the process either way.

Though auditioning might not always be a easy process, expect queues, spending money and long waits, but if you can cope with that, then you will have a good day and meet lots of new people, you will not get televised though at these first stage auditions or get judged by jennifer lopez, all that comes later, if, you are lucky enough to make it through these early rounds of auditions, after all it is a competition, though it is worth trying out, even if it is just for the experience.