Tuesday, 20 January 2015

How The American Idol 2016 Auditions Process Works For You

So in this post i wanted to go over how the american idol 2016 auditions process will actually work for you, at the moment i am watching the new series of american idol on fox, but that is not how the auditions will actually work for you when applying and registering for the 2016 auditions this year, it will be different to what is shown on tv, which are the judges audition stages which are the televised ones.

So if you apply for the american idol 2016 this year, you will go to first stage auditions also called "cattle call" auditions which are before american idol producers, and are not televised, so it will be a different experience, to the one you see on tv, but this is not to be worried about and a lot of people enjoy this stage of the auditions, and it can be a lot of fun, where you get to meet lots of different people who are also attending.

If it is your first time at a american idol audition do not worry because most of the people you meet and see there will be just the same as you as well, and will be unsure what to expect, but you want to go there with the aim to have fun and enjoy the process either way.

Though auditioning might not always be a easy process, expect queues, spending money and long waits, but if you can cope with that, then you will have a good day and meet lots of new people, you will not get televised though at these first stage auditions or get judged by jennifer lopez, all that comes later, if, you are lucky enough to make it through these early rounds of auditions, after all it is a competition, though it is worth trying out, even if it is just for the experience.